Tesla Model Y in China Suspected of Losing Control and Hitting Wall

After a car accident involving Taiwanese singer and racecar driver Jimmy Lin, another Tesla vehicle has crashed in mainland China. Recently, a Tesla Model Y owner suddenly lost control of the vehicle and hit a wall.

According to a video that circulated online, the driver drove into a pole at the gate of a residential community. This “out-of-control” Model Y then rushed into the community and hit a wall directly before stopping, during which it hit a black car parked inside the compound.

After the incident, the owner wrote in a WeChat group: “I finally believed it this time. My own car suddenly accelerated and couldn’t be controlled. I picked it up less than 2 months ago and drove more than 2,000 km. I didn’t believe in others’ negative comments on Tesla before. But it happened anyway.”

After the owner mentioned the accident in the group chat, some group members questioned whether the owner had stepped on the wrong pedal or turned on the automatic assisted driving function. The owner denied all such suspicions. At the same time, the owner stressed that he had turned off the single pedal mode for fear of stepping on the wrong pedal.

Prior to this, Tesla had publicly stated that the proportion of Tesla vehicles “out of control” was very small, and many accidents were caused by car owners stepping on the wrong pedal.

Tesla’s “single pedal mode” does not mean that the vehicle has only one pedal, but refers to an energy recovery mode for the vehicle to pursue a longer cruising range. When the driver releases the accelerator pedal, the vehicle can let the wheels drive the motor to rotate to realize the recovery of energy and reduce power consumption. When the resistance of wheels is much greater than the resistance of free sliding of wheels, a “braking” effect can be realized.

For some drivers, based on their inherent driving habits, they may be unaccustomed to the single pedal mode, which can be turned off.

In response to the accident, Tesla’s customer service center responded that they will follow up, and contact the vehicle owner for detailed treatment.

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According to data from China’s State Administration for Market Regulation, as of the end of July this year, Tesla has carried out four recalls in China. Although the specific reasons are different, the possible risks are all related to vehicle collisions, involving a total of 275,800 Tesla cars.