Tesla Opens First Sheet Metal Spray Center in Beijing

Tesla has begun to explore directly-operated maintenance centers, while the firm’s first sheet metal spray center in Beijing opened in Shunyi District on Tuesday, according to Beijing Daily.

The new sheet spray center is located in the Shunyi Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Park, covering an area of nearly 10,000 square meters. The facility is equipped with a machine repair sheet metal workshop, an aluminum body grinding room, a high-end spray room, a coating room and a polishing room. It is equipped with Tesla’s original equipment, tools and a team of senior technicians. Each after-sales service personnel receives official technical and service training to ensure they can carry out operations according to Tesla standards.

The directly-operated stores will only repair Tesla models, and the price of accessories will be uniform, while the cost of manual maintenance may vary from region to region.

In addition, the stores have launched a “contact free” accident car damage compensation maintenance service. The owner only needs to complete authorization online, and the store can provide services such as accident consultation, damaged car driving or transport damage determination and claim settlement. The process is simplified, and the maintenance efficiency is also improved.

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In addition, car owners can make prior bookings for courtesy car services during the maintenance process, so that even if the vehicle is being repaired, customers can have a vehicle to use during the maintenance process.

At present, Tesla has opened 16 directly-operated sheet spray centers in the Chinese mainland, covering 14 cities. The number of authorized third party-operated sheet spraying centers is 148, covering 103 cities.