Tesla Speeds up Phase 2 of Shanghai Gigafactory

Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai has entered its second phase of construction after the first phase was completed in less than one year. Tesla news site Teslarati reported that recent footage indicates that the second stage may be completed even faster than expected.

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Teslarati said that video footage from Tesla enthusiast and drone operator Jason Yang reveals the developments on the massive Phase 2 area. The two major buildings under construction in this phase, referred to as 2A and 2B, are coming together. Jason claimed that the foundations of the 2A building are nearly done and construction workers are building steel structures while construction on 2B’s foundation will probably begin soon.

Unlike Tesla’s Gigafactory number one in Nevada, which has remained around 30% complete for years now, the Shanghai Gigafactory has sped up construction and is now held as a standard for other Tesla factory projects. Gigafactory Berlin was required by Elon Musk to be completed at roughly the same time as the Shanghai plant’s Phase 1.

Due to the escalating coronavirus outbreak in the United States, Tesla has suspended production of its Fremont factory after it fought to stay open. The Shanghai plant is now the only Tesla factory that can manufacture vehicles. Although some people speculated that it will expand its production capacity, an insider said Giga Shanghai only supplies the domestic market and has no plans to export vehicles.

Tesla’s Shanghai factory resumed production on Feb. 10 after a period of suspension. It produced a total of 2,625 Model 3 units in January, but weekly production recently reached 3,000 units.