Tesla’s First V4 Supercharging Station in Asia Lands in Hong Kong, China

With the popularity of electric vehicles, as of August this year, out of the 18,000 newly registered electric cars in Hong Kong, 6,415 were Teslas, making it one of the most popular electric car brands in Hong Kong.

Tesla has confirmed that the first V4 Supercharger station in Asia has officially landed in Hong Kong. The Supercharger station is located in Lee Garden One, Causeway Bay, and is now officially operational.

At present, all 3 V4 supercharging stations are located in Lee Garden One, while there are also 12 V3 supercharging stations in Lee Garden Three and Hysan Place respectively, making it the largest charging center in Hong Kong Island.

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Tesla’s regional director, Fan Jingyi, stated that the newly launched V4 Supercharger station is equipped with longer charging cables to facilitate use by owners of other brands. The current charging power is up to 250kW per vehicle.

The system will be OTA upgraded in the future to improve charging efficiency. As for the charging fees, it will be similar to the current V3 system, approximately HKD 3.05-4.05 per kilowatt-hour (approximatly $0.4-0.5).

According to the introduction, Tesla has currently set up 65 V3 Supercharger stations and 124 destination charging stations in Hong Kong, covering all 18 districts.

Tesla partner Hysan Development announced that the upgraded Tesla charging stations in the area will increase to 165, including 15 supercharging stations and 150 free destination charging stations. It is said that using the fastest supercharging station in the area can replenish up to 275 kilometers of range within 15 minutes.