Tesla’s New Model Y Has Started Delivery in China, Starting at $36,121

According to Tesla’s official Weibo account, Tesla’s new Model Y has started delivery in China.

On October 1st, Tesla China announced that the Model Y has undergone further evolution with improved performance configurations while maintaining the same price. The starting price for the Model Y rear-wheel drive version is $36,121 (263,900 CNY), the long-range AWD version starts at $ 41,049 (299,900 CNY), and the high-performance version starts at $47,893 (349,900 CNY).

Tesla's new Model Y interior
Tesla’s new Model Y interior (Source: Tesla)

The new Model Y has added RGB ambient lights in the interior and selected a highly textured tech textile material for the dashboard trim; it also features updated design 19-inch Gemini wheels. The acceleration of the rear-wheel drive version has been improved by 1 second to 5.9 seconds per hundred kilometers compared to previous models. Tesla officials stated that the evolved Model Y is currently only available for sale in mainland China.

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According to the sales data released by the China Passenger Car Association, Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory delivered over 74,000 vehicles in September, securing its position as the top luxury brand in terms of deliveries. Among them, the Tesla Model Y accounted for 53,249 units, ranking first on the luxury brand vehicle sales chart.