The 1st Large-scale Cruise Ship of China, “Adora Magic City” Has Been Launched

On June 7th, according to China State Shipbuilding Corporation, on June 6th, China’s first domestically-built large-scale cruise ship “Adora Magic City” successfully launched. It has fully started various tasks such as dock mooring tests and sea trials before final delivery.

According to the introduction, since the early morning of June 1st, the “Adora Magic City” has started a six-day water injection and displacement operation. During this period, the weight/center of gravity and stability of the entire ship were measured through a tilt test. Through this tilt test, the design and development results were verified again, and the test results were perfect with controllable weight center data.

Through decoupling and cruise tests, the functionality of all lifeboats on board was verified. The “Adora Magic City” is equipped with 20 super large lifeboats, each with a rated capacity of 314 people, which can accommodate more than 90% of the maximum number of passengers for ship’s lifesaving.

Currently, the overall progress of the “Adora Magic City” is 94.62%, and the construction progress is 92.159%. According to the plan, second sea trials will be conducted in July and August to comprehensively verify various functions related to cruise safety such as power and propulsion systems, firefighting, fire alarms, life-saving equipment, communication navigation, vibration noise, and safe return to port. The engineering acceptance of cabin and public area interior decoration will be completed and submitted for inspection with a named delivery scheduled by the end of this year.

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The painting of the ship “Adora Magic City” draws inspiration from Dunhuang mural art, with the theme of the Silk Road and features Dunhuang flying celestial beings and heavenly maidens scattering flowers in Chinese aesthetics.

The “Adora Magic City” is 323.6 meters long, with a total tonnage of 135,500 tons and can carry 5,246 passengers. It will be delivered at the end of this year. At that time, the cruise ship will open international routes with Shanghai as its home port, operating Japan and Southeast Asia routes and launching medium to long-haul routes such as the “Maritime Silk Road”.

It is worth mentioning that aircraft carriers, large cruise ships, and large liquefied natural gas (LNG) transport ships are known as the “three pearls” on the crown of the world shipbuilding industry, and China is about to take them all.