The ByteDance Version of GPTs “Coze” Is Now Online

After a year-long wave of large language model frenzy, “intelligent agents” have become one of the new directions that technology companies are betting on.

Recently, ByteDance officially launched the “Coze” AI Bot development platform. Any user can quickly and easily build their own Chatbot with low barriers to entry. The platform also supports users in one-click publishing to Feishu, WeChat Official Accounts, Dou Bao (ByteDance’s AI conversational app), and other channels.

Of course, in addition to being able to create your own Chatbot, Coze also provides a Bots store and plugins.

Selected based on popularity, the following Bots include various types of products such as entertainment, creativity, learning, and even an option for “Marshall Speaker Fans”.

Taking the “Math Teacher” Bot as an example. This bot, when running, will invoke plugins such as Wolfram Alpha and OCR. Wolfram can be understood as a powerful calculator. At the beginning of ChatGPT’s release, its founder called for the combination of ChatGPT and Wolfram Alpha. Now, on the Coze platform, Chinese parents can also use tutoring tools that combine large models with Wolfram Alpha.

From practical operation, the “Math Teacher” Bot can be used to solve some mathematical application problems and answer mathematical concepts. The use of OCR plugins also enables it to have image reading capabilities, but it may not always provide correct answers for geometry problems.

Under the “Consultation” category, we also found a Bot that can chat with children. This robot can use Bing search and the ByteArtist plugin for drawing, not only to chat with children but also to have multi-modal skills such as drawing.

Of course, the possibilities and innovations of these bots depend largely on you. By making slight modifications to the templates provided by Coze, you can have a bot customized according to your preferences. Moreover, there are more plugins available in the backend that can be utilized, offering vast exploration opportunities.

According to the official documentation, Coze includes the following features and advantages:

First is the ability to expand infinitely: Coze’s plugin tool is extremely rich, thus expanding the boundaries of Bot’s capabilities. Currently, the platform has integrated over 60 types of plugins, including API and multimodal models for information reading, travel planning, productivity tools, image understanding, etc. Users can directly add these plugins to their Bots to enhance their capabilities. In addition, the Coze platform also supports creating custom plugins. You can quickly create a plugin for Bot to call by configuring existing API capabilities through parameters.

The official provided plugin categories are quite diverse. These plugins include self-developed ones, collaborative ones, and also internal hackathon competition works.

Secondly, a rich data source: Coze provides a simple and user-friendly knowledge base function to manage and store data, supporting interaction between the bot and users’ own data. Whether it is a large amount of local files or real-time information from a website, they can be uploaded to the knowledge base. This way, the bot can use the content in the knowledge base to answer questions. The knowledge base supports adding text-formatted and table-formatted data. For uploaded content, users can upload local TXT, PDF, DOCX, Excel, CSV format documents to the knowledge base or retrieve online webpage content and API JSON data based on URLs. It also supports directly adding custom data within the knowledge base.

Persistent memory capability: Coze provides a convenient AI interaction database memory capability, which can persistently remember important parameters or content of user conversations.

Flexible workflow design: The workflow function of Coze can be used to handle tasks with complex logic and high stability requirements. Coze provides a large number of flexible and combinable nodes, including large language models (LLM), custom code, logical judgments, etc. Whether you have programming basics or not, you can quickly build a workflow through drag-and-drop. For example, you can create a workflow for writing industry research reports and let the bot write a 20-page report.

It seems that ByteDance positions Coze as an application creation platform: you can develop your own AI chatbot on it without any programming experience. Coze allows you to quickly create various types of chatbots and deploy them on different social platforms and applications.

After creation, the publishing process is also very simple. The button supports publishing to AI chat application Dou Bao, office platform Feishu, as well as users’ WeChat official accounts (currently only supports publishing to service accounts, not subscription accounts) and WeChat customer service.

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