The News States that Is Going to Sell Tesla Cars

In February of this year, Tesla‘s official flagship store on went online. However, currently only charging piles, mudguards, sunshades and other peripheral accessories are available for sale, as well as umbrellas, water bottles and other peripheral products. Cars have not been sold yet.

A knowledgeable source revealed that after launched the Tesla car ordering service, consumers will be able to pay a deposit on This project is currently in progress, and ‘in a while, consumers will be able to place orders directly online.’

The report states that both Tesla China and officials declined to comment.

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Tesla’s online car purchasing channels currently only include the official website and the official App’s online store. The deposit for purchasing a Model 3 or Model Y is 1000 yuan (approximatly $137), while the deposit for purchasing a Model S or Model X is 8000 yuan (approximatly $1,095). After consumers make an online payment for the deposit and sign the purchase contract, Tesla will arrange production according to the order in which orders were placed. has stated that the official flagship store of Tesla includes a wide range of products, including charging equipment, selected accessories, fashion items, and other related merchandise. JD Auto will collaborate with Tesla to provide integrated online and offline services starting from this point. They will promote and advertise creative cultural products, peripheral items, and more. Additionally, they will engage in extensive cooperation in areas such as warehousing, distribution, and installation of charging stations.