Three Abandoned First-generation Tesla Roadsters Are Found in China

On August 29th, news broke that earlier this year, three first-generation Tesla Roadster sports cars were discovered abandoned in shipping containers in China. These vehicles were purchased over a decade ago by a Chinese automotive company for research and development purposes. However, after the company went bankrupt, these cars were sealed away.

These cars originally had a bidder who offered 2 million US dollars (approximately ¥14.58 million at the current exchange rate), but due to insurance and parts issues, the buyer eventually gave up on the purchase. These cars are currently en route to the United States and are expected to arrive on September 5th.

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Gruber Motors, responsible for the auction and transportation, stated that after the vehicles arrive in the United States, they will be cleaned and processed. They anticipate that the bidding frenzy may reignite. They believe these cars should be treasures in museums rather than tools on the road because they are considered antique electric vehicles, being among the first ones discovered.