TikTok Is Testing New Dislike Button

TikTok, a wide popular short video app owned by ByteDance, is now testing a dislike button to help users “feel more in control over comments,” according to a blog post the company released on Wednesday. During the testing phase, users could dislike comments they deemed irrelevant or inappropriate.

TikTok said that this effort aims to help keep the comment section consistently relevant and a place for genuine engagement. The company clarified how the new feature would work, stating, “To avoid creating ill-feeling between community members or demoralize creators, only the person who had registered a dislike on a comment will be able to see that they have done so.”

To make it easier for the community to find and use the built-in safety tools, TikTok is also experimenting with reminders that will guide creators to the comment filtering function and the bulk block and delete options. Reminders will be shown to creators whose videos appear to be receiving a high proportion of negative comments.

TikTok said that it will update users on the outcome of these tests and whether the feature will be rolled out in full in the coming weeks.

TikTok has gained considerable traction around the world over the recent few years. According to Sensor Tower data, TikTok has been downloaded more than 3 billion times in the iOS and Google Play app stores, making it the first non-Facebook product to garner this achievement. The company has recently made a new attempt in extending video lengths. It announced in March that it would expand the maximum video length to 10 minutes, hoping that this will release more creative possibilities for creators around the world.

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