Tim Cook: Apple Vision Pro Will Be Launched in China This Year

On March 24, at the China Development Forum 2024 Annual Meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that its product Apple Vision Pro will be launched in the Chinese market this year. It is understood that Apple has been going through the product approval process for Apple Vision Pro in the domestic market since last year and has made adjustments to its content to comply with domestic regulations.

At the same time, Cook also stated that Apple will increase its research and development investment in China. He further revealed that Apple and its supply chain partners have used over 15 gigawatts of renewable energy, with most projects located in China.

It is worth mentioning that at the recently held ‘Carbon Neutrality and Global Climate Governance Seminar,’ Cook emphasized the efforts made by Apple in environmental protection. He stated: ‘We realize that we need to take action to address the challenges of climate change and create a Gengmei environment for future generations.’

Regarding the Apple Vision Pro headset product, its price is approximately 25,333 Chinese Yuan. This product was released in June last year and is priced the same globally. The domestic version has made corresponding adjustments to meet the needs of the Chinese market.

Overall, Apple will continue to expand its business in China and invest in research and development fields, as well as commit to environmental protection efforts. With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, consumers can look forward to a more advanced digital entertainment experience.

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