Tyrafos Complets A+ Round of Financing, Led by Yunqi Partners

On Monday, Tyrafos, a CMOS Image Sensor design services provider, announced the completion of an A+ round of financing led by Yunqi Partners. With the end of this round of financing, Tyrafos has completed several hundred million yuan of financing.

At the same time, Tyrafos also released the world’s first non-single photon dToF technology and digitalized ELISA molecular biological detection technology.

As the world’s first non-single-photon dToF technology released by Tyrafos, it is the world’s first technical solution to realize direct ToF by CMOS technology. Not only is the accuracy and resolution several times higher than the existing SPAD (Single-Photon Avalanche Diode) solution, but the overall power consumption of the laser light source from the transmitter and the sensor for the receiver is reduced by 90%. The underlying architecture and circuit layout were independently developed by the company.

The world’s first digital ELISA molecular biological detection solution released by Tyrafos is the world’s first digital solution for direct molecular biological detection on the surface of image sensor. The optimization in detection accuracy, speed and cost is more conducive to application, and will have great application potential in the detection of the Coronavirus, influenza virus and early stage cancer screenings in the future.

Founded in May 2019, Tyrafos was introduced from overseas and hatched in Guangzhou’s Development Zone. Over the past two years, the company has independently developed and provided the world’s leading machine vision solutions for many smart devices, and is committed to becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of 2D and 3D image sensor chips and micro-optical systems.

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In terms of industrial resources, Tyrafos has many international top strategic partners including Sony and Samsung, and maintains good cooperative relations with international top semiconductor companies such as TSMC and Samsung.

In terms of patents, up to now, Tyrafos has applied for more than 170 domestic and international patents, more than 70 invention patents and utility model patents have been authorized, and more than 100 patents are in the public state. According to professional evaluation agencies, the value of authorized patents of Tyrafos has exceeded 783 million yuan ($122.68 million).