U.S. to Make Formal Extradition Request of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou

On Jan. 22, according to Canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail, the United States will proceed with the formal extradition of Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei, from Canada, which is expected to add more tension to the matter.

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, American ambassador David MacNaughton didn’t clarify on the exact date of extradition. However, the deadline for applying for the extradition is Jan. 30.

Meng, daughter of Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei, was arrested on Dec. 1 at Vancouver International Airport on suspicion of having violated the U.S. trade sanctions against Iran.

On Dec. 11, Meng has been granted bail at 10 million Canadian dollars under the condition of 24-hour surveillance while awaiting extradition to the United States.

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Meng was mentioned multiple times by her father Ren Zhengfei in earlier interviews,

“As Meng’s father, I am very concerned about her. During this event and during this time, I am very grateful to the Honorable Judge William Ehrcke for his impartiality, and to prosecutor John Gibb Carsley and prosecutor Kerri Swift. I am grateful to the humane management of the Alouette Women’s Prison in Canada and the kind treatment of the prisoners for Meng. I’m also grateful for the Chinese government for safeguarding the rights and interests of Meng as a Chinese citizen and providing her with consular protection. I believe that the openness, fairness and justice of the Canadian and American legal systems will offer us a fair conclusion afterwards. Let us comment this matter after all the evidence of the incident is made public in the future.”

On the same day, Spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying commented,“China has repeatedly expressed its solemn position on this matter. Anyone with a common sense of discretion can see that the Meng’s case is not an ordinary judicial case. The Canadian side has abused the bilateral extradition treaty between Canada and the United States, which constitutes a serious violation of the safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens. We will urge the Canadian side to immediately release Ms. Meng and we will protect her legitimate rights and interests. We also strongly urge the United States to immediately correct their mistakes, withdraw the arrest warrant against Meng, and not to make formal extradition request to the Canadian side.”

Featured photo credit to Ben Nelms/Bloomberg