US May Have Approved Sale of Auto Chips to Huawei

Reuters reported on Wednesday that the United States had approved license applications worth hundreds of millions of dollars from suppliers, allowing them to sell chips for auto components to Huawei, citing two individuals familiar with the matter.

The report revealed that the two people told Reuters that U.S. officials have approved suppliers to sell computer chips for auto parts such as video screens and sensors to Huawei in recent months.

A Huawei spokesperson cited in the report did not respond definitively to the matter, saying: “We position ourselves as a new parts supplier for intelligent networked cars, and our goal is to help automobile OEMs (manufacturers) make better cars.” Chinese media platform Cailianshe reported that Huawei was verifying and confirming with relevant business departments.

In fact, the prospect of Huawei manufacturing cars has triggered a heated debate in the industry several times before.

On August 20, Avatar Technology, a subsidiary of Changan Automobile, was listed on the Chongqing United Assets and Equity Exchange, planning to introduce strategic investors through public listing. In an interview with CBN, a C-level of the company said that Avatar Technology would be jointly established by Changan Automobile, Huawei and CATL. This was once again interpreted by some in the media as “Huawei’s first automobile company to participate in shares.” Huawei later denied the categorization.

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In response to questions related to car building, Huawei has repeatedly quoted a document issued by founder Ren Zhengfei in November 2020, which stated that “Huawei does not build whole cars, but focuses on ICT technology (information and communication technology) to help automakers build better cars and become component providers of networked intelligent cars.”