Vivo Will Release Its Self-developed AI Large Model Matrix on November 1st

On October 16th, Vivo announced on its official Weibo account that it will release a self-developed AI large model matrix on November 1st. This includes five self-developed large models with different parameter levels: one billion, ten billion, and one hundred billion. These models comprehensively cover core application scenarios. The latest data shows that Vivo’s self-developed AI large models rank first in the global Chinese list of both C-Eval and CMMLU rankings. They have strong comprehensive capabilities, especially in the fields of humanities and social sciences, surpassing similar large models at the same level.

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According to a responsible person from Vivo, these self-developed AI large models will be applied for the first time in the upcoming OriginOS 4 system, bringing consumers a more intelligent, convenient, and secure mobile phone experience.