Vivo X23 Exterior Design and Major Features Revealed

vivo X23 smartphone (photo source: vivo)

A new page for the vivo X23 smartphone was added to its official website on August 20, exposing the look and major features of the new phone. From the slogans “Al. Ultra wide-angle photography” and “Ultra wide-angle, find more beauty”, we can see that vivo X23’s wide-angle camera will be one of its major selling points.

vivo X23 dual camera

Based on the images published on the website, the back of the body comes in a glossy blue color with no rear-mounted fingerprint sensor while its front features a so-called “water drop screen” that boosts the screen to body ratio to a striking 91.2%.

vivo X23 “water drop screen”

Moreover, vivo X23 will feature the fourth generation in-display fingerprint sensor, as well as 3D facial recognition.

Vivo X23 appeared in a popular Chinese TV variety show during the weekend as a promotion of the device. A host of the show put the vivo X23 on a selfie stick to take a group photo of the hosts and guests and also explained the AI feature of the camera during the setup. The revealed photo managed to include the entire group and left ample room on both sides.

vivo X23 no rear-mounted fingerprint sensor

On the website, it also encourages customers to book in advance to enter a lottery draw for prizes including one vivo X23, two bluetooth speakers, two smart writing tablets and various coupons on vivo products.

The specifications of the new smartphone will be unveiled on August 21st.