Wealth Management Digital Solution Provider NewBanker Completes Round C Financing

NewBanker, a provider of digital solutions for wealth management, announced on August 24 that it had secured funding from a firm owned by CICC Capital, with Yuanhe Capital as the exclusive financial adviser.

With the rapid increase of asset management institutions such as digital solutions for wealth management businesses and public funds, NewBanker, established in 2016, has finally entered a stage of profitable operations and scale growth. It has accumulated tens of millions of dollars of investment from several venture capitals such as Jingwei Venture Capital, Genesis Capital and Atlas Capital.

The latest financing will focus on the further construction of R&D centers in Beijing and Chengdu while offering operational support including tools, content and equity for fund companies and their partners.

Li Qinghao, co-founder and CEO, said that starting from the wealth management industry chain, the company chose a three-step strategy of “serving the fund house, reaching the distributor by the fund house, and finally helping the fund house connect with the distributor”. At present, the company has rapidly entered the digital marketing of asset management industry, and has created a number of benchmark cases in banking, securities, fund sales and other industries. In the first half of 2022, NewBanker continued to maintain a year-on-year performance growth of 300%.

From the perspective of asset management institutions, NewBanker will provide systematic business architecture and technical solutions according to its core business applications such as channels, institutions, e-commerce, customer service and investment advisors.

From the perspective of wealth management institutions such as banks, trusts, securities and insurance, NewBanker will provide solutions in customer refinement operation, digitalization of customer managers’ work, customer managers’ sales sites, and the construction of wealth management and marketing platform.

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NewBanker will have the opportunity to help customers achieve better digitalization while gradually building a more efficient and fairer ecology for the wealth management industry.