WeChat-QQ Money Transfer Mini Program is Now Online

A WeChat mini program that allows users to transfer money from WeChat Pay to QQ Wallet has been officially launched, QQ Wallet announced on Tuesday.

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The official mini program comes after the release of the WeChat-QQ one direction money transfer function in January. Now with the new mini program, users of Tencent’s two social media apps can save the hustle of following QQ Wallet’s WeChat official account. Instead, they can open “WeChat transfer to QQ” program, which can be added to “my mini programs” as a shortcut, and enter payee’s QQ account and real name to finish the transfer in seconds.

According to the rules of the mini program, each WeChat account can only transfer up to 3,000 yuan per month to a maximum of 10 QQ accounts. And each QQ account can receive no more than 6,000 yuan from WeChat Pay. Also, transaction histories of the mini program and the web version are not synchronized, and the mini program is recommended for better user experience.

Unlike WeChat Pay which is one of the most popular mobile payment systems in China, QQ Wallet that came out one year after WeChat Pay has not been adopted by the general public as a mainstream payment method. It mainly targets young users, which is in line with QQ’s user demographics that fall in the age group of 10-29.