WeChat Releases Version 7.0.12 with Dark Mode

Tencent officially launched WeChat 7.0.12 on March 21. the latest version of the app will be supported by iOS 13 and above. One of the key features of the new update is the introduction of the long—awaited “dark mode.”

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WeChat’s Android 7.0.10 beta version released in December 2019 already included dark mode, but iOS users still could not use the feature even though Apple requires apps listed on the App store to be adaptable to dark mode. A week ago, Tencent’s WeChat team showed a preview of the feature on Weibo, commenting that “In order to optimize the user experience, WeChat and Apple reached an agreement to jointly explore the dark mode experience of WeChat in iOS.”

In addition to dark mode, the app added a host of other small updates, including optimized voice message sending mechanisms, group chat tools that allow group administrators to pin important messages and set reminders, while WeChat moments now allows users to jump right to posts they have not yet seen.