WeChat’s Corporate Communication Tool Reached 180 Million Active Users

At a new product launch conference held on Tuesday, Huang Tieming, Vice President of WeiXin Group (WXG), announced the latest figures for WeCom, the enterprise version of WeChat. Huang said that the number of active users was 180 million, the number of real enterprises and organizations was 10 million, and the number of WeChat users using WeCom enterprise services was 500 million.

At the same time, WeCom version 4.0 was officially launched, and many features were revealed. New features include the new interconnectability of WeCom and WeChat Video Channels and improved WeChat customer service. The new version also integrates with Tencent Docs and VooV Meeting.

According to WeCom, the live-streaming e-commerce platform, WeChat Video Channel, saw great growth in 2021. The WeChat Video Channel previously revealed that the private net transactions accounted for over 50% of its live streaming e-commerce volume. Affected by the pandemic, the passenger flow of offline retail stores has decreased forcing many brand merchants to sell goods through live commerce. Live-streaming has now become a shopping habit of many consumers.

It is reported that WeCom version 4.0 will also offer office efficiency tools such as integrated online documents and meetings, which can be used not only within enterprises, but also in communication and cooperation between upstream and downstream partners and customers.

The new features are based on the company’s research.  Enterprises are able to create an address book containing add all suppliers and distributors making it easy to find both industry contacts and colleagues in the company. The address book can also be classified, ensuring better efficiency and privacy.

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In addition, the integrated online documents will offer better multi-person collaboration. No matter if customers use WeCom or not, they can be invited to cooperate on the same document. The cooperation mode has shifted from “sending out document links” in the past to “adding people in”.

Since Tencent launched the Industrial Internet Strategy in 2018, WeCom, Tencent Docs and VooV Meeting have all developed. The three major products are now connected with each other, which can not only help the internal collaboration of enterprises to be smoother, but also support the real-time communication and collaboration of multiple people across enterprises and software safely and reliably.