Weimob and Xiaohongshu Reach Agreement Cooperation to Open Integrated Chain of Traffic, Operations and Transactions

Tencent-backed Weimob announced on Wednesday that it had reached an in-depth agreement with Chinese lifestyle sharing platform Xiaohongshu, a deal that sees the creation of a mini program mall through which Weimob merchants could access Xiaohongshu.

Based on the SaaS capability and operation experience, Weimob can help mini program merchants to open stores on Xiaohongshu’s platform. At the same time, Weimob can also provide diversified and personalized operation services from recommendations, advertising, enterprise account operations, content production, mini program mall operations and live-streaming operations, forming a single, integrated link.

After joining Xiaohongshu, Weimob‘s merchants get users’ attention by publishing high-quality notes on the platform. Users can click on the note tag to directly reach the products in mini program and then the merchant’s account homepage.

In addition, Xiaohongshu’s mini program will support synchronous viewing of orders, and make possible the interconnection between brands and their transactions.

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According to Weimob, the company has already started the first batch of merchants’ alpha testing and has received more than 100 applications within 10 days. It is expected that GXG, Mendale, ERKE, ERAL, Cabbeen and other Weimob merchants will launch a mini program mall on Xiaohongshu in December.