WeRide Releases New-Generation Automated Driving Sensor Kit WeRide SS 5.0

WeRide, an automated driving technology company, officially released its new-generation automated driving sensor kit WeRide Sensor Suite 5.0 on Tuesday. It also announced that its robotaxi with this kit has been put into large-scale testing and application.

WeRide SS 5.0 has 12 cameras and seven solid-state LIDARs, which together constitute six sensing modules. They are arranged in different positions of the car body, so that the automated driving kit is truly integrated with the car.

The top front sensing module consists of three solid-state LIDARs, five mid-range cameras and two long-range cameras. The tail sensing module has one solid-state LIDAR and one mid-range camera, which is responsible for the rear sensing coverage.

WeRide SS 5.0 can run stably on all computing platforms with 250-500 TOPS, further lowering the computing threshold of robotaxis thanks to further optimization of the solid-state LiDAR and computing platform.

Compared with the previous generation, WeRide SS 5.0 offers further reductions in terms of size and weight: the top front sensing module is 66% less in height, 15% less in thickness, and 17% less in overall weight.

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WeRide was established in 2017. It has accumulated more than 11 million kilometers of open road automated driving mileage and more than 2.8 million kilometers of unmanned automated driving mileage, and it has released many products such as Robotaxi, Mini Robobus, Robovan, and Robo Street Sweeper.