WiFi Master Key Tops Free Tool List in Google Play for Six Consecutive Months in Vietnam

In the past two years, the WiFi Master Key has been developing rapidly in southeast Asia. The Google Play Vietnam list shows that since April 15, WiFi Master Key has topped free tool list in GooglePlay for six consecutive months. Before, WiFi Master Key had already topped Google Play free tool list in 48 countries and regions, including Russia, Mexico and Indonesia.

As a pioneer in domestic sharing economy, WiFi Master Key believes that the more internationalized the sharing economy is, the more vitality it has. In August 2015, the WiFi Master Key officially began overseas operation. Taking southeast Asia as a pivot, it opened the international market rapidly. Within three months, the number of new users per day exceeded 600,000.

As of October 2016, WiFi Master Key has covered 223 countries and regions, with over 100 million overseas users.

In exploring overseas markets, WiFi Master Key has chosen a rigorous path and behind each decision is a thorough and detailed study of the local market. Take Vietnam market as an example. WiFi Master Key team went to major cities in Vietnam for through investigation. The team tried to understand their needs through experiencing local WiFi usage, usage scenarios, culture, understanding user behavior and communicating with locals. Li Zheng, global rotating president of WiFi Master Key, said, “adequate preparation is also a central factor for our achievement.”

Over the past few years, the penetration of Internet penetration in Vietnam has made a big breakthrough: mobile Internet penetration rate has reached 50% and the proportion of accessing Internet through smart phones is 55%. The demand for mobile Internet access is also urgent in Vietnam. However, data flow charge is too high for many Vietnamese. WiFi Master Key could accurately solve this pain point. In the last year, WiFi Master Key has ranked on the first or second place on Vietnam Google Play free tool list.

Meanwhile, the international strategy of WiFi Master Key also provides convenient and free Internet service for outbound Chinese tourists. With the improvement of living standards, the number of outbound Chinese tourists has climbed year by year, reaching 122 million in 2016, nearly equaling Japan’s population. Facing foreign and unfamiliar environment as well as different language and culture, it has become an urgent need for travelers to have access to mobile Internet at any time so as to obtain important travel information. Now, WiFi Master Key has accumulated over 400 million hotspots worldwide.

In recent years, from the Google Project Fi to Facebook Find WiFi function, the Internet giants have aimed at the “sharing WiFi”. Global network connection has also became future strategic focus among Internet giants. In the near future, the WiFi Master Key may be confronted by Facebook and Google.

As of June 2016, the number of global users of WiFi Master Key has exceeded 900 million. Sharing economic model utilizes spare WiFi resource and WiFi Master Key helps people all over the world to access free networking anytime and anywhere, finding happiness, opportunities, or even changing their destiny.

This article originally appeared in Techweb and was translated by Pandaily.