William Lu: Xiaomi EV’s First Batch of 2S Stores Are Currently Under Renovation

On January 15th, William Lu, the partner and president of Xiaomi Group, as well as the president of the International Department, revealed on Weibo that the first batch of Xiaomi EV sales and service partners have recently signed contracts. The first batch of 2S stores are currently undergoing renovation and will provide services such as Sales & Service to car users as scheduled.

2S dealership, also known as a secondary dealer, is a standard store that only provides vehicle sales and after-sales services. Compared to traditional 4S dealerships, it lacks the functions of spare parts and information feedback.

On January 2nd, William Lu posted on Weibo that Xiaomi Group officially signed a letter of intent for cooperation with the first batch of 14 sales and service partners at its headquarters in Beijing on December 29th, 2023. This signifies that the construction of Xiaomi‘s automobile sales and service channels will be accelerated comprehensively, and Xiaomi‘s new retail model for automobiles will transition from the planning stage to the implementation stage.

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Xiaomi‘s new retail model for automobiles is centered around “direct sales” and built upon digitization. It fully mobilizes high-quality social forces to pursue ultimate business efficiency and user experience.

In terms of dealers, Xiaomi‘s automobile sales and delivery service channels will prioritize covering the top-tier market through the “1+N” model, gradually expanding nationwide. Among them, “1” represents Xiaomi‘s self-built and self-operated delivery centers, primarily focusing on delivery services and covering sales and after-sales services. The delivery center serves as a benchmark for Xiaomi‘s comprehensive channel experience and efficiency.

“N” represents the agent sales and user service touchpoints. In mainstream automotive business circles, Xiaomi collaborates with top 100 automobile dealerships or regional strong merchants to establish integrated car sales and service stores, operating through ‘agent sales + authorized services’. In core commercial plazas, Xiaomi fully leverages its existing advantages in 3C retail channels by gradually introducing car-related businesses into Xiaomi Home stores, further enriching store offerings and creating a fusion store for Xiaomi‘s technology ecosystem.

At present, Xiaomi EV has launched recruitment plans in a total of 17 cities including Suzhou, Chongqing, Ningbo, Nanjing, Wenzhou, Wuxi, Xi’an, Foshan, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Dongguan , Tianjin , Hefei , Xiamen , Qingdao , Haikou and Shijiazhuang.