WM Motor Launches “Smart Parking” Service

On August 4, WM Motor, a Shanghai-based new energy automobile company, announced the launch of its “Smart Parking” service. This service is the 3.0 stage of WM Motor’s smart parking technology in which car-, field-, and mobile-side intelligence and their related big data output will be connected into one stream. As the process matures, users will be able to use the new technology for better vehicle parking abilities.

The first stage of the “Smart Parking” service has already been officially introduced and is available now. By logging into the WM Motor Smart App, users can have free access to “empty, busy, full” status and the parking fee information of more than 70,000 parking lots and 10,000,000 parking spots in more than 100 cities across China. As the function updates, users will be able to use information gleaned from several sources and subsequently use that information to quickly and efficiently park their vehicle.

Freeman Shen, founder, chairman and CEO of WM Motor, said that technological R&D requires attention not only to user needs, but also to their habits. Data shows the average daily App duration of mobile Internet users is more than 5 hours, and the cell phone is still the main point of focus for users’ daily use. For this reason, while replacing part of the functions of the car machine with intelligent apps to meet user needs, WM Motor is further accelerating its R&D on smart car development.

On the basis of the optimization planning of its “Smart Parking” service, the service will be launched later in September with even more functions than are currently available. Eventually, it will provide users with pre-departure destination parking details, including address, opening hours, charges, space availability and other information, intelligent planning and navigation of travel routes, indoor high precision map navigation of parking lots, independent parking and reverse car search functions, plus sensorless payment when leaving the site.

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