Wuxi LEAD Strikes Agreement With Volkswagen on 20GWh Lithium Battery Equipment

The manufacturer of new energy equipment Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (LEAD) announced on Tuesday that it has signed a cooperation agreement with German Volkswagen to provide solutions for its 20 GWh lithium battery equipment, accounting for more than 65% of the parts.

In order to speed up the transformation of automobile energy, Volkswagen announced its investment of €30 billion to build six large battery factories in Europe. LEAD will provide 20GWh lithium battery equipment services for Volkswagen’s Salzgitter factory in Germany, including front rolling, pole piece baking, middle assembly line, liquid injection, battery cell baking, formation equipment and whole line integration general contracting. The company will also become the core supplier of Volkswagen’s 240GWh Gigafactory by 2030.

In addition to Volkswagen, LEAD has previously reached agreements with many European battery manufacturers such as Northvolt and ACC. LEAD European local team now employs more than 100 people, and the engineers who provide long-term fixed service for overseas customers has reached more than 1,100 people. The company has established a mature European local supply chain system.

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LEAD, established in 2002, has become the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy equipment and mainly focus on Lithium-ion battery and Photovoltaic batteries. As the world’s leading LIB equipment manufacturer, LEAD has reached deals with Panasonic, Sony, Samsung SDI, LG Chem, CATL, BYD and other well-known battery enterprises. The company boasts of its ability to to provide a whole line turnkey solution for LIB manufacturing with its independently-developed manufacturing execution system (MES).

On June 10, LEAD signed a cooperation agreement with Baofeng Yuneng, a subsidiary of Baofeng Energy, to provide it with an overall solution of a 20GWh lithium battery line and module pack. In the first phase of cooperation, LEAD will provide a 20GWh whole line turnkey solution, and the production line equipment covers the whole process section from coating to module pack. In addition, the two sides will reach more in-depth cooperation in the follow-up 200GWh energy storage battery factory.