Xiaoi Robot Files Court Ban on Apple’s iPhone Sales

Xiaoi Robot – Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology Co., Ltd.- filed a lawsuit against Apple on September 3rd, alleging the company infringed on its patents.

The AI company demands that Apple stop its patent infringement involving Siri, and cease manufacturing, selling, using, promising to sell, and importing iPhone products that infringe on the patent.

Yuan Hui, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Xiaoi Robot, said in a statement, “Apple continues to manufacture and sell products that infringe on our patents. the company isn’t respecting another company’s intellectual property rights. They need to immediately stop infringing upon our patent rights!”

Xiaoi argued that Apple’s voice-recognition technology Siri infringes on a patent that it applied for in 2004 and was subsequently granted in 2009. This patent is one of the basic patents of human-to-computer interaction robots in China. The system, with more than 800 million customers, can command robots to inquire, play games, and chat with robots in natural language.

In 2011, Apple launched Siri for the first time on its iPhone 4S, and then a whole line of products one after another. Siri became the main service for artificial intelligence interaction of Apple’s products.

Last year, the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China issued an administrative judgment which ruled that Apple Computer Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. lost the lawsuit and confirmed the validity of the aforementioned patent rights for Xiaoi Robot.

In August last year, Xiaoi Robot filed a lawsuit with the Shanghai Higher People’s Court, formally requesting Apple to stop patent infringement and pay 10 billion yuan ($1.4 billion) in compensation, marking a record for a Chinese tech enterprise to claim patent fees from a foreign technology giant.

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