Xiaomi and Tianma Microelectronics Cooperate to Build Joint Lab for New Display Technology

Tianma Microelectronics announced on Wednesday that it has signed an agreement with Chinese tech giant Xiaomi at the Wuhan Tianma G6 Industrial Base, pertaining to cooperation between the two sides to build a joint laboratory for the study of new display technology.

The joint facility will feature independent labs. Relying on Xiaomi‘s rich resources in consumer goods and Tianma’s innovative platform for forward-looking display technology development and equipment, materials and technology verification, the laboratory will realize direct cooperation between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain on the R&D platform, further enhance the R&D collaboration capabilities of the two companies to jointly promote the development of slim, lightweight, portable, low power consumption and new display panel technology and the commercialized mass production of new technology products.

Cheng Wei, Executive Vice President of Tianma Microelectronics, said that the establishment of the joint laboratory with Xiaomi is to open up the industrial chain from market to terminal to parts manufacturer, shorten the development cycle of new technologies and accelerate the promotion of new technology products to the market through deep cooperation between the two parties.

Tianma Microelectronics was established in 1983 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1995. It is an innovative technology enterprise that provides all-round customized display solutions and fast service support worldwide. It has been deeply involved in the field of small and medium-sized display panels for 38 years, and has established deep cooperative relations with industrial chain partners. Especially in the smartphone market, the company’s LTPS smart phone panel shipments have continued to maintain the first spot globally for three years.

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Tianma Microelectronics said that the firm and Xiaomi have always maintained a close cooperative relationship, and that Tianma Screen is in the position of sole supplier or first supplier in many smartphones and smart wearable products by Xiaomi. In 2022, the both sides will further cooperation in the flexible OLED project, and Tianma will fully support the production of Xiaomi‘s flexible display mobile phones and help Xiaomi achieve its strategic goals.