Xiaomi Appoints Li Xiaoshuang as Vice President of Xiaomi Auto

Li Xiaoshuang, the General Manager of Xiaomi‘s major home appliances department, has been named Vice President of Xiaomi’s electric vehicle unit, and is to be accountable for all business related to products, supply chain and marketing, the firm announced on October 15. After assuming the position, Li will report directly to Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi.

After graduating with a master’s degree, Li Xiaoshuang joined Duokan Technology, founded by Wang Chuan, Co-founder of Xiaomi, and served as user experience department manager and product design director. In 2012, with Xiaomi‘s acquisition of Duokan Technology’s Duokan Reading, Li, director of Duokan Reading at that time, joined Xiaomi.

At the end of the same year, Li participated in the design of Mi Box, and has served as the director to Xiaomi‘s TV department since 2015. Li also accompanied Lei Jun when he visited GAC Aian.

On September 1, Xiaomi announced the official completion of the industrial and commercial registration of its automobile company. In addition, Lei Jun released a group photo of 17 people including himself and some important members of the car-manufacturing team. Li Xiaoshuang was one of the members.

Lei Jun said that the team has conducted a large number of user research and industrial chain investigation, and conducted more than 2,000 interviews.

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In addition, Xiaomi announced the appointment of its digital technology service platform Airstar Bank. Lin Shiwei, Vice President and CFO of Xiaomi, was appointed as CEO of Airstar Bank. Zhao Weixing, Vice President of Airstar Bank, was appointed as Chief Product Officer of the platform and reports to Lin.