Xiaomi Auto-Related Patent Unveiled

The Chinese Patent Office shows that a vehicle-related patent applied by Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing-based smart device manufacturer Xiaomi, was granted on Tuesday.

The patent relates to a vehicle comprising of a body and a first camera module. The camera module is to be installed on the top of the vehicle body and, according to the patent abstract, through the technical proposal, the vehicle collects image information in the target direction through at least two cameras with different field angle ranges, and the clarity and accuracy of the image information can be improved.

In March this year, three trademarks belonging to “Xiaomi EV” have been applied for by Xiaomi Corporation and were subsequently approved. The patents were categorized as means of transportation, scientific instruments and building repair. According to Lei Jun, founder, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, Xiaomi‘s cars are expected to start mass production in the first half of 2024.

According to patent platform Zhihuiya, as of September 2021, Xiaomi and its affiliated companies had 951 published patent applications in the automotive field in 126 countries/regions around the world. Among them, invention patents account for more than 96%, and valid and pending patents account for more than 70%.

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Judging from the company’s patent applications, Xiaomi seems to be focused on mobile devices, recording media, wireless communication technology, display devices, vehicle control and other professional technical fields as they relate to the automotive field.

In addition to its own technology developed in-house, Xiaomi has expanded its technological reserves by acquiring autonomous driving startup DeepMotion.ai, and investing in similar companies such as Zongmu Technology and Hesai Technology.