Xiaomi Car to be Manufactured by BAIC with BYD Battery

Today, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the declared model information of Xiaomi‘s car. 

The public information shows that the product is a puire electric sedan, with trademark “Xiaomi”. The manufacturing company is BAIC Group Off-road Vehicle Co.,Ltd.. The picture shows that the rear logo of the Xiaomi car is “Beijing Xiaomi“. In terms of dimensions, it is 4997mm long, 1963mm wide, 1455mm high, with a wheelbase of 3000mm. In addition, Xiaomi‘s car uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, supplied by BYD’s FinDreams Battery; the engine comes from United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., and the peak power of the drive motor is 220kW.

It is worth noting that although Xiaomi uses BAIC’s qualifications, the actual production of Xiaomi cars will still take place in Xiaomi‘s self-built factory, as the address stated in the declaration information is the location of Xiaomi Motor’s self-built factory in Beijing.

In August 2021, Xiaomi fully acquired the autonomous driving company DeepMotion Tech Limited, continuously enhancing its R&D capabilities in areas such as intelligent driving. DeepMotion Tech has a broad layout in fields such as high-precision positioning, high-precision maps, and 3D scene reconstruction.

In August 2022, Xiaomi held its autumn new product launch event, revealing for the first time the latest achievements in its autonomous driving technology, and showing the progress made since Xiaomi announced its car manufacturing plan. Video on Xiaomi‘s official website show that Xiaomi‘s intelligent driving system has realized functions such as one-key vehicle summoning, automatic entry into ramps, active lane changing and overtaking, unprotected turning/U-turns, automatic bypassing of temporarily parked vehicles/accident vehicles/roundabouts, and autonomous valet parking. After the vehicle has completed parking and is stationary, it can also be automatically charged through a robotic arm.

In October 2023, Lei Jun, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Group, announced that the progress of Xiaomi‘s car is going smoothly and it will officially go on the market in the first half of 2024.