Xiaomi Denies Lei Jun Will Debut Car Prototype in August

Regarding a report that “Lei Jun will bring the Xiaomi vehicle prototype to debut in August, and will start a series of tests,” an authorized Xiaomi spokesperson told Chinese media on July 15: “It is absolutely impossible – the related source is unreliable. Please don’t believe rumors.”

Chinese media outlet Sina Tech learned from the company’s related partners this morning that Xiaomi‘s car making plan is about to usher in a major milestone: company head Lei Jun will bring Xiaomi‘s vehicle prototype to debut at a public event in August, and will start a series of tests.

According to the report, the sources revealed a key message. Lei has devoted great energy to Xiaomi Auto. “As long as he works in the company, almost two-thirds of the time will be spent on staying in Xiaomi Auto’s independent office building.”

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Information previously released by Xiaomi showed that the company’s first car will be mass-produced in 2024, while launching a vehicle prototype and starting tests are one of the necessary conditions for mass production. Luo Baojun, the general manager of Xiaomi‘s Beijing-Tianjin division, once revealed that “the last piece of Xiaomi Home to form a closed loop is the new energy vehicle. In the third quarter of this year, the EV prototype will make its debut, which will definitely break through everyone’s imagination.”

“Since the announcement of the car making plan in March 2021, the firm’s smart electric vehicle business has progressed beyond expectations.” Xiaomi‘s financial report released in March this year revealed its progress with such plans. According to the report, up to now, Xiaomi Auto’s R&D team has exceeded 1,000 people, and it will continue to expand its R&D in core areas such as autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit.