Xiaomi Denies Rumors of Mass Layoffs

Rumors have swirled recently that Chinese tech giant Xiaomi plans to lay off 10% of its employees, mainly targeting new employees and fresh graduates. Before the concerns became public, Xiaomi employees had already lamented online that the company set the ratio of year-end merit pay at the “C level” of 10%.

A Xiaomi spokesperson responded that the company did not cut or dismiss employees because of the changes to its operating conditions, but admitted that some unqualified employees have been fired.

Xiaomi added that there have not been any mass layoffs since the company started its business, and that there are still 4,000 popular positions for which it is recruiting new talent. Some former employees of Xiaomi recently received a text message saying that Xiaomi always welcomes them.

In the first one and a half months of 2022, many enterprises have been caught in rumors of layoffs. In January, SaaS service provider Youzan started the first round of layoffs in product and technology departments. In addition, Chen Jinhui, Vice President of China Youzan, left in October 2021. Digital Q&A community Zhihu, fresh e-commerce brand Dingdong Maicai and beverage brand HeyTea all reported to have fired employees, although the allegations were denied by the companies. On Monday night, LatePost reported that Didi started massive layoffs covering nearly all departments, but Didi had not responded to the news.

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