Xiaomi Launches IoT Developer Program, Announced Cooperation with Baidu on AI

Xiaomi announced the launch of its IoT Developer Program and opened it on the morning of November 28. At the same time, Xiaomi reach cooperation with Baidu, and the two sides will jointly build the IoT+AI ecosystem.

Lei Jun, Xiaomi‘s founder, chairman and CEO, introduced the company’s IoT strategy. In early 2015, Xiaomi revealed its IoT strategy: to connect all devices with the phone as its core. Xiaomi has developed a general intelligence module that sells at cost and will connect more intelligent devices.

Since 2014, Xiaomi has launched a WiFi module, bluetooth module, WiFi+ bluetooth dual mode module and secure encryption chip. Lei said Xiaomi plans to launch the NB-IoT module next year. He also announced at the conference that Xiaomi has more than 85 million IoT networking devices and more than 10 million daily active users, making it the world’s largest intelligent hardware IoT platform.

Lei said Xiaomi‘s IoT strategy will also enter a new stage. The sales of Xiaomi AI speakers exceeded expectations and became a new entry for IoT. LEI said, “Three years ago, we thought smart phones were the most important. Now, AI speakers are more important.”

Lei said that after launching the Xiaomi IoT Developer Program, Xiaomi will share the capabilities of the whole system platform, including open access, control, smart scene, cloud, AI, data and new retail channels. Meanwhile, Xiaomi also provides support for start-up teams in incubation programs, funding plans, software developer certification schemes and developer subsidy schemes.

Xiaomi invited Lu Qi, Baidu Group President, to the site. Lu said Xiaomi and Baidu would cooperate in the connection of IoT and AI.

Lu said the IoT represented a new opportunity, and that the arrival of AI would further open a new chapter.

Baidu has advantages in the AI technology, mass data, mapping knowledge, information and services ecology, Lu said. Xiaomi has more experience in application scenarios and intelligent hardware. The two companies will build an IoT and AI ecological system together, he said.

This article originally appeared in Sina Technology and was translated by Pandaily.