Xiaomi Mi7 Design Exposed by Leaked Photos of its Phone Accessories

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In May, a lot of information about Xiaomi Mi7 were leaked on the Internet. Based on the previously shared photo of Xiaomi Mi7’s screen protector, we can confirm that Xiaomi Mi7 will have a full-screen display with an iPhone X-like notch and support 3D facial recognition.

Photo source: Laobao Tech, a Chinese tech blog

From the latest released picture of the screen protector, Xiaomi Mi7’s overall shape is more square, and it can be held in one hand. The top of the screen confirms the use of an iPhone X-like notch, while the smartphone retained its small chin from previous models.

From the leaked photos of Mi7’s protective case, we can tell that it has a vertically aligned dual camera system on the back without a fingerprint recognition buttom. It is no doubt that the Mi 7 series will feature a 3D facial recognition technology and an in-display fingerprint scanner. As Lei Jun previously implied on his Weibo social media account, Mi7 will be equipped with a fingerprint unlock function.

In addition, a tech blogger released news on May 7 that that Xiaomi Mi7 will be released at the end of this month. The information still need to be confirmed. Mi Mix2S has just been released for less than three months and it is still out of stock online. We expected that Xiaomi Mi7 would not be released until this August. The price will be higher than the previous generations, and the starting price may be around 2799 to 3,000 yuan ($440-$471).

These are all the information we currently have on Xiaomi Mi7’s design and appearances. The actual smartphone to be released should have little differences with the picture, possibly with a slightly wider frame.

According to previous patterns, the iPhone X-like notch will last a few upcoming generations. We can imagine that most of the smartphones produced by Chinese manufacturers in the next few years will have the notch design, will you still resist the notch then?

This article originally appeared in kejimx and was translated by Pandaily.
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