Xiaomi Patents 3D Imaging System to Enhance Smartphone Performance

Today, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi published a patent for a new imaging system. This new imaging system would allow users to take 3D images using multiple devices that are connected to one another.

The patent is titled under “a multi-device interconnected shooting method and device, electronic equipment and storage medium.” The new system basically combines images taken from a number of interconnected devices to obtain a three dimensional image. This would greatly extend the current capabilities of Xiaomi‘s phones and make it much easier for users to generate 3D imagery.

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Xiaomi has also described the shooting mode in this patent. The shooting process would involve communication between these interconnected devices that would request a connection first and then acquire shooting information that will create the final shot.

In terms of patents, as of the end of last year, Xiaomi had more than 19,000 patents worldwide, nearly half of which were obtained overseas.