Xiaomi Patents Smart Mask, Tracking Pollution Inhalation With Mobile App

According to 91 Mobiles, Xiaomi has been granted a patent for a “smart mask” by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The mask will be equipped with an embedded computing unit that includes a processor to calculate all data from the mask sensor.

As Xiaomi proposed, there would also be a memory module for the calculated data and a connectivity module that transfers all the stored data. All the components will be powered by built-in batteries. The masks will be equipped with standard air filters.

xiaomi mask patent
Xiaomi filed a patent for a “smart mask”(Source: 91 Mobiles)

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In terms of functions, the Xiaomi smart mask has a built-in sensor, which can record the total wearing time, pollution inhalation amount, breathing amount and breathing times. In addition, the mask can be used in conjunction with a mobile app to view the data real time and learn about the air quality in your city.

Sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes are also built into the mask to help determine if the user is in motion. It can even monitor whether the user’s lung capacity is increasing or decreasing.