Xiaomi Releases Crowd-Funded Product: Microcrystalline Titanium Wok

Xiaomi released its 132th crowd-funded new product, the Yi Wu Yi Shi Microcrystalline Titanium Wok, priced at 449 yuan.

The wok uses microcrystalline titanium, which has a high melting point, high heat conductivity and exceptional corrosion resistance. It is also bio-friendly and non-toxic.

Xiaomi said titanium pans are very expensive and are always priced more than 1,000 yuan. The Yi Wu Yi Shi is priced at a fifth of pans that offer equivalent quality.

The pan uses a composite structure of titanium, aluminum and steel, which enables it to diffuse heat across the wok evenly and efficiently. It is compatible with many stoves on the markets, and is 30 percent lighter than stainless-steel pans of the same size.

The titanium layer, which has direct contact with the food, uses the “microcrystalline titanium” hardening technology designed by the Russian military. Microcrystalline titanium has a high resistance to friction and wear, and can repel dirt.

The product has passed multiple checks and is certified by International SGS. Its lead cadmium migration level and chemical composition all meet national safety standards.

This article originally appeared in Tencent Technology and was translated by Pandaily.