Xiaomi Robot Company Officially Moves into the Xiaomi Auto Beijing Factory

On June 4th, Xiaomi Robot Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xiaomi Robot Company”) held a housewarming ceremony in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone (Beijing Yizhuang). The second-generation biomimetic quadruped robot CyberDog 2 from Xiaomi performed an impromptu dance on the scene. Relevant officials from the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone attended the ceremony and lit up lights for Xiaomi Robot Company’s “housewarming in Yizhuang marks new beginning,” announcing that Xiaomi Robot Company has officially relocated to the Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Beijing Yizhuang.

“The relocation ceremony is an important moment, representing the mutual achievements of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area and Xiaomi, which will together promote technological innovation and development in the robotics industry,” said a relevant person from Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. As an important gathering place for the robotics industry in Beijing, Yizhuang has established a complete industrial chain system covering core components, whole machines to applications for robots. It has set up the first provincial-level humanoid robot innovation center in China and the Beijing Humanoid Robot Industry Alliance. It has gathered a group of humanoid robot companies led by Xiaomi Robot and Ubtech Robotics Corp., releasing the world’s first full-size humanoid robot “Skywork” driven purely by electric power. With Xiaomi Robot Company officially relocating, it will further empower the industry ecosystem with technological innovation, enhance autonomous innovation capabilities and industrial competitiveness in humanoid robots.

“With the support of policies, talents and other factors in Beijing’s Yizhuang area, Xiaomi Robot Company has grown rapidly,” said Zeng Xuezhong, Secretary of the Party Committee, Senior Vice President, and President of the Mobile Phone Department of Xiaomi Group. Humanoid robots are a high point where software and hardware integrate with artificial intelligence, playing a significant role in upgrading manufacturing and service industries. Xiaomi Group took the lead in investing in bionic robot research and development domestically and is at the forefront. It has established a research and development system with hundreds of people, covering capabilities from components to hardware systems, software systems, operation control to sensing across various dimensions. In April 2023, Xiaomi Robot Company was registered and established in Beijing’s Yizhuang area as the sole entity focused on bionic robot technology innovation, product development and industrialization within Xiaomi Group.

Currently, Xiaomi Robotics Company is advancing the phased landing of humanoid robots in its own manufacturing system. In the short term, Xiaomi‘s robot is a specialized intelligent robot used in certain scenarios of smart manufacturing, and will expand to more scenarios in the future. Zeng Xuezhong said: ‘In the future, rooted in Beijing’s Yizhuang innovation hub, we hope to cooperate with industry partners to continuously promote the development of the robotics industry. An era of ‘human-machine integration’ composed of intelligent machines, humanoid robots and human experts will surely accelerate.’

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The latest progress in Xiaomi‘s robot business, according to Xu Duo, Vice Chairman of the Technical Committee of Xiaomi Group and General Manager of Xiaomi Robot Company: “Industrial and service scenarios are the main application directions.” Currently, Xiaomi has released four-legged bionic robot CyberDog, full-size humanoid bionic robot CyberOne, and a new bionic quadruped robot CyberDog2. Among them, CyberDog2 can autonomously respond to human actions, voice commands like real dogs do and perform basic actions such as forward jumps, backward jumps, obstacle avoidance as well as complex movements like backflips and moonwalks.

Next, Xiaomi Robot Company will continue to promote product innovation, empower the industry ecosystem through complete machine traction, and drive collaborative development of industry chain enterprises with an open-source platform and a complete toolchain; at the same time, by expanding application scenarios, it will achieve cluster integration development with industries such as automotive, machinery, electronics, and artificial intelligence. It aims to become the first general humanoid robot whole-machine product research and development project in Beijing for manufacturing and application demonstration. Yizhuang District in Beijing will further support business development by launching a three-year action plan for humanoid robots to create a leading domestic source of robot technology innovation, high-end manufacturing aggregation area, integrated application hub,and industrial ecosystem demonstration site.