Xiaomi Showcases MiGu Headband: Controlling Smart Homes With Thoughts

Shortly after crowdfunding for the Mijia Smart Glasses started, Xiaomi showcased another wearable product – the MiGu Headband – on August 2. According to the company’s official introduction, this project has won first prize in its third online hackathon.

The firm said that the highlight of this project is to control smart home products through brainwaves and monitor fatigue driving. The engineers of this project hope that everyone can enjoy a more convenient and intelligent life in a more natural and interactive way.

MiGu Headband concept version (Source: Xiaomi)

The team said that three points were set on the MiGu headband, which can obtain electronic signals, and the potential difference between the points could let it roughly read the electroencephalogram (EEG).

However, people will have different brainwaves in different emotional states, and MiGu headband adopts manually labeled machine training, which maps data to ideas. After much training, the corresponding brain waves can be identified by the product, and the desired effect can be achieved.

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From the concept video released by the company this time, there is still much room for improvement in the headband’s design, especially regarding its huge size, which is not physically appealing, whether it is used at home or for monitoring fatigue driving in the car. But it may also be limited by technologies and cannot be reduced in size.

More and more manufacturers have joined in the R&D of smart wearable devices, from the early Google Glasses, recent OPPO smart glasses and the AR/MR headset to be released by Apple. However, compared with the MiGu headband, there are still some differences in their layout direction. Relatively speaking, Xiaomi still pays more attention to the linkage of its “Mijia” ecology.