Xiaomi to Discontinue Blockchain Pet Cryptorabbit on March 1

The Cryptorabbit (加密兔 Jiāmì Tù) is a blockchain product launched by Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi in 2018. On Thursday, an official website announcement by the firm said: “At present, there is still much room for improvement in the functions and playing methods of the Cryptorabbit, so major adjustments have to be made. The Cryptorabbit (including all of its functions) will officially go offline at 00:00:00 on March 1, 2022.”

According to its official website, all Cryptorabbits are recorded in a decentralized way, making them unique. Once owned by a user, it cannot be copied, modified or destroyed by anyone. The user’s Cryptorabbit appearance is randomly combined with a variety of “genes.” Every gene has two attributes, namely “rare” and “common.”

(Source: Xiaomi)

The number and type of different genes owned by the Cryptorabbit will determine its level, and the user’s digital rabbit may be anything from “legendary,” “epic,” “unique,” “rare” and “common.”

As a virtual pet, Cryptorabbits can not only chat with their owners, but also go out from time to time, meet netizens, fall in love with other digital rabbits, give birth, attend press conferences and so on.

While launching the Cryptorabbit product, Xiaomi at that time also released its own virtual currency “Mi grain” (米粒 Mǐlì), which can be obtained by raising these Cryptorabbits.In addition, Xiaomi had strictly regulated “Mi grain” to avoid policy risks. The Cryptorabbit User Service Agreement emphasizes that users could not use Cryptorabbit related services for financing or to engage in exchange business between Cryptorabbit, points and virtual currency. Pricing and information intermediary services for Cryptorabbit and points are also prohibited. Users are not allowed to engage in any activities prohibited by laws, regulations and policies.

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