Xiaomi to Launch Its First 4K Professional Monitor With Accurate Factory Calibration

On Friday morning, Xiaomi posted a series of updates on its first 4K professional monitor on social media, saying that each will be factory pre-calibrated to meet strict professional needs, and will feature a Delta E value of less than 1 (a measurement of color accuracy).

According to previous publicity, Xiaomi’s first 4K professional monitor is expected to be released on December 4. The firm said that the monitor has passed Pantone color authentication, adopts square base design and has oval wiring holes. Furthermore, it is expected to support lifting and rotating functions.

In addition, the monitor provides color gamut coverage of 99% Adobe RGB and 99% DCI-P3, and adopts a three-sided micro-frame design instead of the four-sided design found in current mainstream high-end 4K monitors.

At present, the price of 27-inch mainstream high-end 4K monitors like the Dell U2720QM is about 4,000 yuan ($628), and the price of 27-inch professional monitors like the BenQ SW271C is over 10,000 yuan. Given that Xiaomi products always emphasize good cost performance, this monitor may bring surprises to consumers in terms of price.

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