Xiaomi To Release New Short Video App

Following the launch of its first content aggregation short video application Zhenjing Video in 2019, Xiaomi seems to have entered the short-video field with its new app “Xi Gua Pi”, according to the official WeChat account Tech Planet. This product focuses on funny video content and GIFs, targeting China’s Gen Z demographic.

According to Tech Planet’s findings, the developer of Xi Gua Pi is Metso Software Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd. However, it is suspected that the biggest equity shareholder of the company is Zhu Yin, Xiaomi’s chief designer.

Xiaomi‘s new short video app Xi Gua Pi (Source: app.mi.com)

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Compared with Zhenjing Video, Xiaomi‘s new short video app seems to be more detailed and better tailored towards young consumers with interactive comment features and numerous video categories.

The COVID-19 epidemic has given a noticeable boost to the short video industry, with DAUs on most platforms increasing significantly. Although China’s short video landscape is currently dominated by two players – Douyin (TikTok) and Kuaishou (Kwai) – other local tech powerhouses are also trying to capitalize on the opportunity.