Xiaomi Updates its Face ID Feature, Benchmarking against Apple’s iPhone X

A new version of MIUI 9 has just been launched, along with MIX 2 with a similar feature as Face ID. Note 3 and Mi 6 were already equipped with the same feature before.

Apple’s iPhone X, launched in September, has successfully attracted the world’s attention with its Face ID feature, except for its stunning all-screen design. However, since Apple’s products are often costly and hard to access when they just come out, it may be hard for users in China to appreciate the convenience of Face ID.

Xiaomi Founder Leijun and Designer Philippe Starck

As we all know, the fingerprint reader has to be moved to the back of the Xiaomi MIX 2 to integrate the unique full-display design. However, when the MIX 2 is placed on the upside surface, the unlocking process will be inconvenient for users, which is also true for every device with Touch ID reader on its back. The recently launched Xiaomi MIX 2 with its Face ID feature can be unlocked swiftly, thus providing a very comfortable user experience.

On the day before yesterday, a new version of Xiaomi 6 with new Face ID feature was launched. With the updated system, users only have to click “Settings – Screen Lock – Passcodes and fingerprints – Add Face ID data” to access the new technology.

This article originally appeared in Sina Technology and was translated by Pandaily.