Xiaomi’s Smart Factory in Changping, Beijing Is Completed and Operational

On February 18th, Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi‘s Changping Smart Factory in Beijing has officially completed construction and started production. The flagship smartphone manufacturing capacity exceeds ten million units, making it Xiaomi‘s first large-scale self-owned factory in history and another key milestone in Xiaomi‘s smart manufacturing.

According to the introduction, both the Xiaomi 14 Gulf Blue and the Xiaomi 14 Ultra process innovation verification come from this factory.

The factory has a self-developed rate of 96.8% for component packaging, a self-developed rate of 100% for factory software, focusing on flagship smartphone production with an annual capacity exceeding tens of millions of units. It is fully automated and digitized, with full-stack production data self-analysis and decision-making capabilities, making it an intelligent factory with the ability to evolve its processes independently.

The first phase of Xiaomi‘s smart factory was completed in the end of 2019 in Beijing Yizhuang, while the second phase is located in Changping, Beijing. The main structure was topped out in February 2023, with a scale ten times larger than the first phase. It will house the second-generation smartphone intelligent production line covering all processes including SMT chip mounting, board testing, assembly, complete machine testing, and finished product packaging. The output value is about 60 billion yuan.

According to the official website of Changping District People’s Government in Beijing, leaders of Xiaomi Group said during a discussion that the first production line of Xiaomi‘s smart factory has been installed and tested. It is planned that all production lines will be put into operation by the end of 2024, with an estimated annual production capacity of 10 million smart phones after full production.

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