Xinxiang Technology Secures Several Hundred Million Yuan in Round A+ Financing

Wuxi Xinxiang Information Technology Co., Ltd., a provider of computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) systems for semiconductor factories, recently raised several hundred million yuan in Series A+ financing. The lead investor was Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., and co-investors were Guolian Xinchuang, South China Venture Capital and Fangdao Fund. Its existing shareholders Sequoia Capital, Hillhouse Capital  and Walden International also joined in the investment round.

Xinxiang Technology was established on July 10, 2018. It focuses on the intelligent manufacturing of software systems and services for the semiconductor industry, and builds a complete cluster of production management and control software systems under its own intellectual property rights.

The firm has now developed the software needed for the automation of semiconductor factory manufacturing, covering core components such as MES, EAP, RCM, FDC, and more. It can provide customized CIM solutions from software and hardware to on-site implementation tailored to customers’ overall needs. Xinxiang Technology has provided CIM solutions for a dozen 12-inch wafer fabs in various Chinese cities including Hefei, Wuhan and Hangzhou.

Funds from the recent round are reportedly to be allocated across three major directions, namely technological and product development, optimization of talent and resource reserves, and the intensive development of front-end wafer and advanced packaging markets.

Regarding its long-term development plan, Xinxiang Technology has established three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Shanghai Xinchao Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary to better connect with semiconductor equipment manufacturers; Shenzhen Xinan Information Security Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary to protect the security of factory data; and Hefei Xingyi Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary to serve automation equipment.

CIM consists of dozens of software systems such as manufacturing execution system (MES), equipment automation platform (EAP), yield management system (YMS) and real-time multiprocessor system (RTS). These systems all have a high barrier to entry.

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On a policy level, the Chinese government released a “Smart Manufacturing Development Plan” for the 14th Five-Year Plan Period at the end of 2021. It was proposed that by 2025, the market share of smart manufacturing equipment and industrial software would exceed 70% and 50% respectively. This shows clear support for the development of domestic semiconductor CIM system manufacturers such as Xinxiang Technology.