XPENG AEROHT’s Flying Car Aims to Achieve Mass Production in Q4 2025

XPeng Motors announced on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong that on January 2, 2024, Guangdong XPeng and XPENG AEROHT entered into a cooperation framework agreement. According to the agreement, Guangdong XPeng and XPENG AEROHT agreed to collaborate in the research and development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service of flying cars. Guangdong XPeng will provide research services, technical consulting services, and sales agency services to XPENG AEROHT.

XPENG AEROHT is mainly engaged in the research and development of flying cars. As of the date of this announcement, XPeng Motors’ controlling shareholder He Xiaopeng controls XPENG AEROHT. Guangdong XPeng is a subsidiary of XPeng Motors, primarily engaged in design and technical development.

The flying car consists of two parts, namely the Ground Module and the Air Module. According to the cooperation framework agreement, Guangdong XPeng will be responsible for manufacturing the Ground Module and final assembly of the flying car.

Guangdong XPeng will provide XPENG AEROHT with research and development services related to the land-based body of flying cars, as well as other technical consulting services, before the mass production of flying cars (expected in the fourth quarter of 2025). Guangdong XPeng will also authorize XPENG AEROHT to use its intellectual property rights and charge licensing fees. In addition, XPENG AEROHT will grant Guangdong XPeng free authorization to use intellectual property rights related to the research, development, and manufacturing of the land-based body of flying cars. To meet the manufacturing needs of the land-based body, XPENG AEROHT will also bear the costs incurred by Guangdong XPeng for capacity enhancement and expansion.

After the mass production of flying cars, Guangdong XPeng will exclusively sell its manufactured and assembled flying car products to XPENG AEROHT. Meanwhile, XPENG AEROHT will non-exclusively distribute the flying car products to end customers through its distribution network.

XPENG AEROHT’s “Modular Flying Car,” a split-type flying car, made its official debut during the XPeng Motors 1024 Technology Day in 2023. This product features an integrated land-air design with a two-part configuration consisting of a Ground Module and an Air Module, which can automatically separate and combine.

The ground module of this split-type flying car has a seating capacity of 4-5 people. It is equipped with an extended-range hybrid power system that can provide multiple recharges for the flying body. The entire vehicle adopts a three-axis six-wheel car design, capable of achieving 6×6 all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering. The air module is purely electric and manned, capable of vertical takeoff and landing as well as low-altitude flight, supporting both manual and automatic driving modes. In addition, the aircraft can be charged inside the cabin, which provides protection against dust and rain.

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