Xpeng Completes Production of 10,000 Smart EVs and Gets Leg up on Competition

On June 18, Xpeng Motors completed the production of 10,000 units of its its first production model, the G3 smart EV. Xpeng is one of the few new EV manufacturers in China to have delivered production models to customers. The roll-out also puts the company ahead of its start-up competitors in the past two months in terms of delivering vehicles to China’s growing legion of EV customers.

“The 10,000th vehicle is an important milestone for us because it validates the management of our direct-to-customer sales and distribution strategy in more than 200 Chinese cities, as well as our ability to manage our supply chain and our manufacturing,” said the carmaker’s chairman and chief executive officer He Xiaopeng, during an interview in Hong Kong.

He Xiaopeng (right), CEO of  XPeng Motors
He Xiaopeng (right), CEO of XPeng Motors (photo via weibo)

The white Xpeng G3 that emerged from the finishing shop at the Guangzhou-based carmaker’s contract manufacturer Haima Automobile Group is slightly smaller than Tesla’s Model X SUV, and can run 365 km on a single charge.

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So-called new energy vehicles are the standouts amid a slumping Chinese car market, probably largely due to the government’s generous subsidies cutting off more than a fifth of the EVs’ original price tag. The G3 has a starting price of 199,800 yuan (US$28,850) for its Premium version, after applying the subsidy.

Chinese consumers are also drawn to the Xpeng G3 because of its navigation system that has been optimized for driving in Chinese traffic specifically. Data shows that the auto parking success rate exceeded 70 percent, ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) adoption rate reached 30 percent while voice command penetration rate exceeded 85 percent. Xpeng has localized its intelligent automotive technologies specifically for Chinese urban conditions.

“Today sees us delivering on our promise to bring high-quality smart cars to market, and to support them with a growing smart mobility ecosystem. We also thank all our customers, factory workers and Xpeng employees for their commitment and trust in us, enabling us to achieve the 10,000th unit target earlier than expected,” said He.

Featured photo credit to XPeng via weibo