XPeng Launches New P7i Sports Sedan in China, Delivery Beginning in March

XPeng, an electric vehicle maker, on March 10 launched its new P7i sports sedan for the Chinese market. The new P7i is divided into four editions: 702Pro, 702Max, 610Max Performance, and 610Wing Performance, with pricing starting at 249,900 yuan ($35,877) to 339,900 yuan ($48,796). Deliveries will kick off in March for customers in China.

The new P7i is equipped with XPeng’s proprietary XNGP architecture, its most advanced all-scenario driver assistance system, capable of performing city navigation guided pilot (NGP), enhanced highway NGP and lane centering control functions, as well as the industry’s first mass-produced cross-level parking assistance valet parking assist.

The vehicle’s capabilities are supported by a superior hardware platform, consisting of dual-LiDAR units and dual NVIDIA DRIVE Orin-X SoCs capable of up to 508 TOPS of computing power (MAX & WING versions) – a 17-fold increase from the previous models. Powered by a 31-sensor architecture with an enhanced 360° perception capability, the P7i is designed to achieve L4 ADAS functions in certain scenarios.

(Source: XPeng)

With a Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8155P chipset powering XPeng‘s proprietary Xmart OS 4.0 operating system, the P7i’s all-scenario voice assistance 2.0 provides real-time, continuous voice command recognition, covering all four seating positions within the cockpit. Control and driving experience are optimized through a surrounding reality dashboard display, which provides a 360° simulation of the surrounding road and environmental conditions.

The P7i has the highest peak torque in its class at 757 Nm, and accelerates in just 3.9s from 0 to 100 km/h (610MAX & 610WING Performance versions). The four-wheel drive torque distribution system can transfer four-wheel torque in about 20 ms. With up to 702 km CLTC range, the P7i can fast charge to secure another 240 km of range in just ten minutes.

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The P7i’s streamlining has lowered the drag coefficient to just 0.236 Cd, while the 33.3-meter braking distance at 100km/h is secured with Brembo four-wheel brake hubs and front mounted Brembo four-piston calipers.

The performance of the P7i is further optimized by an X-HP 2.0 integrated thermal management system. With a maximum cooling capacity of 8.5kW, the new P7i can easily maintain a speed of 190km/h for 30 minutes continuously. Finally, the X-HP 2.0 system optimizes driving range by as much as 15% in winter conditions.