XPeng Launches Second-Generation Household EV Charging Piles

XPeng Motors launched its second generation of household electric vehicle charging piles on Thursday. The new products support 4G remote control, automatic OTA upgrades and other brand-new functions.

This generation of charger is the first of its kind to support 4G network data transmission based on the Bluetooth data transmission of its predecessor. Users can see the real-time operating status of the charging pile or perform various remote operations through the mobile app without going near the charging pile.

In addition, this second generation features OTA upgrade functions for the first time. As such, the device can automatically receive and download firmware upgrade packages from the background, continuously optimize firmware features, and meet user needs in real time through remote dynamic updates.

The protection level of this new home charger reaches IP54, and the working temperature ranges from -40ºC to 60ºC. It can also be used in various extreme weather scenarios.

The new charger has smart lights that allow users to intuitively judge the operation status of charging piles through their color and flashing effects.

In terms of product compatibility, the new home charger allows other users to share the home charger through the private pile sharing function, and supports all electric vehicles that comply with the Chinese national standard AC interface, and also supports timer charging, 4G anti-theft lock and other features.

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XPeng launched two versions on Thursday, including the 7kW and 11kW versions. The 7kW version including installation is priced at 5,000 yuan ($749), and the 11kW version with installation is 7,000 yuan ($1,048). In addition, they can provide users with a variety of customized installation schemes.